Structured Pictures is a personal image and snapshot library hosted on your Dropbox.

Structured Pictures is a beta service and will contain bugs. We only have access to the Structured Pictures directory but please keep a backup of all data. A service provided by Second Cousins.

Add some pictures

Drop pictures straight onto this page or add pictures directly to your Dropbox app folder located in Dropbox/Apps/Structured Pictures.

Everything is synchronised automatically and you can add or delete folders and pictures here or within your Dropbox.

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Structure your pictures

You can drag and drop a picture to copy it to another folder or archive it. Drag and drop collections and folders to archive them too.

Begin a filename with a + to link it to a URL — for example, a file named will link to

Try our IFTTT recipes to make your folders even more powerful — automatically create a folder of pictures you like on Instagram or email pictures straight to a folder.

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Structured Pictures